I have a problem that I am trying to figure out how to solve.   When sending alerts management wants the email to include a list of who all got the alert.   The problem comes in that the alerts they are most worried about are going out different ways.  Disk space being the big one.  The servers and storage team gets alerted on every server with a disk space issue.  Server owners get all alerts for their servers which are in groups by application.  SQL team gets all alerts for any server that has SQL.  So if server XYZ gets a disk space alert then The Server team gets the alert for it but they also wand to see in the email that the team that owns the server got it and want that team identified in the email and if sql is on the box see that the SQL team also got the alert.

So I have alerts going out by


Group Membership

Discovery group

All wanting to know that the others also got the alert as well.

Rick Bywalski asked