(edit – now with added screenshots!)

How do I get/type * – * for all available metrics to work? Whenever I type it is says ‘no matching metrics’, even if I delete it from a populated performance dashboard and then re-add it!

If I delete the *-* in the box above, I can’t re-add it by typing it in again:


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    • Can you add some screenshots to show us what you mean? You'll need to edit your intial post to do this 🙂
    • If you just want all the metrics for that object you have scoped just press down arrow in the "choose metric" box. There are also a KB article when you have different objects with the same counter name. Then you can use wildcards. https://support.squaredup.com/v3/Reference/HowToUseWildcardsInMetrics?q=metr If I understand the question correctly?
    • I do want all available metrics, on spark lines - like you get on the Performance Perspective of a server.
    • I just tried. Choose Sparkline as metric. Then scoped the class to "Windows Servers". Pressed arrow down in "choose metric". Then I get a list of all metrics available for thos objects/object. Maybe your object that you choose dont have any performance metrics?
    • I can see all of the metrics, but i want to select them all at once (like a *.* for everything in a folder) and display them on spark lines. Apologies if I'm not making myself clear. This is how it's done on the Performance perspective in the screenshot above, but I can't replicate that by typing in *.*
    • Ok, now I got you. On the metric tab, choose advanced instead of quickfind and then put a * in each box. It should work.