I recently hit my 50 named user licence limit. “Well buy some more then!” I hear you cry, however, most of these users will not be back, having logged on for training but with the main responsilibilty of configuring Squared Up falling on one or two key people in their respective teams.

It’d be useful to know who is ‘best’ to remove (and thus free up a licence for someone else), based on last login. Is this exposed in a log file anywhere?

Oliver Woodall selected answer
    • @Squaredup... Feature request 🙂
    • Not an elegant solution I'm afraid, but you could 'clear out' your current named users (except those you KNOW are going to be active) and then anyone actively looking to use Squared Up will log-in and have a free license automatically assigned to them. As I say, not very elegant , but it might be one way of effectively removing the people who had a license assigned to them for training but won't be using it thereafter (as only the… Continue reading