Hi community

We have a number of “bespoke/3rd party” none cluster aware applications that require monitoring. Is there anything out in the wild that can provide this functionality, or can anyone shed any light on how to create such a thing in MP Author?

Example of what is required:

  • 2 Node Cluster – Windows Server but NOT using Microsoft Fail-over Cluster
  • Application installed on both nodes and runs as multiple Windows Services
  • Services are only running on the “active” node
  • Uses a 3rd party fail-over toolset.

If we create a basic service monitor this results in the “passive” node alerting due to the service(s) not running and effecting the health state of the server.

The same goes for a bespoke MP created in MP Author/VSAE, using “IsVirtualNode” doesnt work here as its not seen as a traditional cluster with a virtual cluster name discovered.


jaspervd answered