We are accessing SCOM various ways, Local console, citrix console, squaredup etc. In near future, PS and SDK will be heavily accessed  by others than SCOM administrators and i will dedicate a management server for this purpose. The question is, how?  Should i decommission the new “SDK server” from all MS resouce pool?

We have an automated solution to balance and approve agents where we can exclude a management server, maybe that’s the best way? Agents will still failover to the “SDK” server.

ideas that i missed are appreciate

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    • Have you also considered load balancing clients across multiple SDK servers? If you have a number of SDK consumers then high availability and load balancing is probably desirable. The thing to watch out for with load balanced SDK servers is setting up your SPNs correctly.
    • I will consider this when we have a dedicated SDK server in place. First i think i will LB SquaredUp 🙂