We use a custom feild in SCOM alerts that firefor routing with our ticketing system to send auto generated tickets to the correct teams (example: Database alerts automatically generate tickets that are routed to the DBAs).

Is there a way to build a dashboard off of these custom fields so that we can create a dashboard for each of these teams to have a default view of their items?

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    • What are you populating you custom fields with? What user views are you hoping to create in your dashboards? Would you like a dashboard to be created when a notification is created, or would you like custom views created from the data populated in your custom fields?
    • [Moderation: moved answer by Carl 22 Jun, 2016 to comment] The custom field is text. Windows, Network, Database, etc… The idea is to create a dashboard for Windows, Network, Database, etc.. then have any alert in SCOM with the custom field of Windows, populate the Windows dashboard. Custom field of Network would populate the Network dashboard.