Hi All,

I have installed the Get-PendingReboot (from the Aquilaweb Pending Reboot MP) which appears to detect that a reboot is required but I am trying to make a Dashboard showing all of the servers that require a reboot so that we can plan downtime in batches. When I create a dashboard based on Monitor with icons and select All Windows Computers I cannot see Get-Pendingreboot (or Reboot Required) when I try and choose a filtered monitor with the Health state set to All.

I found this (https://aquilaweb.net/2015/07/15/scom-pending-reboot-management-pack/) which might explain it as I wonder if you cannot find it because it stays greyed out:
David Allen March 12, 2016 When you override a monitor to enable it, it will still stay grey in the console, as the monitor in the sealed management pack is disabled. You should find though that when opening Health Explorer on an object, that the monitor is running.
So, anyone got any ideas how to select this monitor in a dashboard and or get around this problem?



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