I have managed to setup both a XenApp and XenDesktop Test. Have tested them both successfully with the test ps1 script from the test machine. THe parameters are successfully passed to SCOM and I can see that it is failing.However the error is that the execute script does not run. I see the error in the event log as

execute-Test.ps1:Cannot bind argument to parameter ‘String’because it is an empty string

I am struggling to see any typo in the json file and am running out of ideas?


I managed to get this error message to disappear after recreating all files, however the execute-test.ps1 now runs and just says adding state:bad.

There is no log file created however and I cannot see any other errors to assist in diagnosing? I have tried modifying the powershell script to add the log file to a different location which works when I run everything manually. How do I know it is even running the Test-CitrixApp.ps1 ?

Gary answered