I’d like to achieve the following for our 500+ user base for SquaredUp:

  • Any User > allowed to create & edit their dashboards only
  • Any User > allowed to publish a dashboard so it can be shared but not allowed to do so to the navigation bar
  • Navigation bar > Tied the publish to the navigation bar to a group

Issues so far:

  • If a user is given Create permissions they can only create dashboards but cannot edit them without being given system wide Edit permissions
  • If a user  is given Create/Edit permissions they can edit ‘All’ dashboards
  • If a user is given Publish permissions then can to the full Navigation bar. We have scoped dashboard bar groups + views so you can publish to a tree that only members in a group can see but this is not desired in this use case. We want to restrict publishing to the navigation bar overall to a group

Has anyone been able to find the right combo of permissions to allow users to create/edit without opening the door for them to accidentally modify/remove dashboards published for the full business that are accessible from the navigation bar?

Chris.H. answered