Hi All,

I am looking to add more functionalities in alert plugin which are available in SCOM but not in SquaredUp.

  1. I want to update the ticket ID.On selecting multiple alerts in the dashboard I get the options to update the state of alert, assign alert to me and put any comments. I also want the ticket ID field here so that I can acknowledge alerts  with that ticket ID.
  2. I want a search option on the top of the dashboard so that if I can serach for a particular alert from large number of alerts.
  3. This one is not for alert plugin but a general requirement. I want to put multiple servers in maintenance mode like if we have multiple servers names starting with some common keyword then I can search for that keyboard and select all the servers and put them in maintenance mode.

Can anyone advise how to achieve these functionalities as I am trying to completely replace SCOM console with SquaredUp.





Daya Ram

Jelly answered