Is it possible using SCOM to monitor audit events from Windows Shares mounted on EMC storage? And is so, any pointers to how?

Peter Aston commented
    • Not sure if this helps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ogzlnqo7E4g
    • I'm specifically looking to monitor Share and NTFS permissions on EMC filesystem. Potentially via PowerShell as an on demand task in Squared Up. We're capturing Security Events that are visible through MMC, but as it's not a real Windows Share mounted on a Windows VM, I'm not sure how I'd get SCOM to pick those up. Thanks Jelly and Rick. That Security Management Pack looks like a must have.
    • Ok, frustrating afternoon mucking about with the EMC Cmdlets to try and get the Share ACLs using PowerShell. I've managed to get SCOM to force PowerShell to use 64bit, as it didn't work 32bit, I can get the EMC cmdlets to install in the session, but when I try Show-ShareAcl -ServerName XXXX -ShareName XXXX it doesn't return any output. I need to find a way of getting the Share permissions on EMC so we can see if they're changed. What's… Continue reading