Just wondering what anyone else use there for event log reading?

Basically I am after a tool which works in a similar fashion to the usual Eventviewer built into Windows but with the added benefit of being able to search for keywords etc easily.

Ideally the tool would be able to connect to a server remotely to perform this function – I certainly don’t want something that hoovers up all the logs (too many servers for that) and only needs to be used on an occasional basis.

For us, problem management and similar is an important part of our monitoring and performance investigations.



Darren Joyce answered
    • Could you potentially surface this data in Squared Up via a Data on Demand tile? Also, perhaps not what you're looking for, but worth be aware of free Log File MP from NiCE anyway - http://www.nice.de/log-file-monitoring-scom-nice-logfile-mp/
    • We already use that, this is not for monitoring directly. This is for specific point in time investigations.