For tedious reasons we don’t have the Comtrade F5 management pack. Is anyone doing anything clever with SNMP or the WebABI tile to retrieve certificate information from the F5 appliances that they can share?

Similarly for Unix and Linux servers, we don’t have any visibility into certificate information. I understand that it’s possible to do something with a script and SCOM monitors, but I’m not really clear what that is!

What about for non SCOM agent managed servers? I believe that a Web App Availability test will give certificate expired information, but is it possible for it to give advance warning of expiry as well?

I’ve got the PKI management pack for Windows servers, which is great. I’d like to be able to pull as much of our certificate information into SCOM, but even just dashboarding straight from Squared Up would be a great help.

Ruben Zimmermann answered