Hi all, I’m trying to figure out if there is anyway to achieve this functionality. I would like to take a standard matrix tile which shows a bunch of our servers, and add a drop-down list to filter the results based on the selection. I imagine the drop-download list passing what is selected over as a token/variable, which will then be used as the criteria value. My main purpose for this would be that we have what servers are tied to what contacts, and I would like to show only the servers related to a specific contact based on the drop-down selection. I could also see simplier drop downs for “alert type 1” vs “alert type 2”, etc/

I know we can hard-code some filter criteria, but I would instead like this to be whatever value is selected via a drop down, rather than only literal values in the ‘criteria’ statement. For example, instead of hardcoded Owner = ‘Fred Flintstone’ it would be Owner =@dba_name , and the dba_name value is gotten from the drop down selection.

Does squaredup support using parameters/variables/tokens in this way? And if there isn’t support for custom tokens like this, are there any global variables we can use in the criteria statement filtering, like@current_user ?

Any help appreciated. Otherwise we will need to make a custom copy of all matrix tiles and other dashboards and hardcode the criteria for each of our users specifically.

Santosh answered