We’ve got a remote site in another country monitored by a gateway server connected back to SCOM in the UK. We’re looking at setting up another remote site, and I can’t decide whether to use a gateway again, or dedicated management servers. I’ve read Kevin Holman’s blog about it and I’m still not sure.

The remote site will likely be in the same forest. The link between UK and remote site is an unknown quantity at the moment. Likely to be less than 200 agents to monitor.

Should I put 2 management servers for HA over in the remote site, or 2 gateways over there, or just have agents report back to the UK? I’ve been told to plan for worst case scenario with the least reliance on the UK, so that would be a separate SCOM install I suppose, but ain’t nobody got time for that!

Any advice gratefully received.

Rick Bywalski answered