I have a lot of dashboards relating to specific applications/groups of servers. Last week (while I was on holidays) a number of servers failed, and while I can see the (closed) alerts in SCOM for computer unreachable and heartbeat failure, I have been told that the health state of the computers, and hence the tiles didn’t change from green.

I have ran tests and, sure enough, the server icons display the “uncontactable” circle, but do not go Red.

When I view the health explorer in SCOM, the availability shows red all right, but it doesn’t roll up to the server status, and hence, the dashboard tile.

Looking at the Microsoft documentation, it appears that it should

“The health state for the agent-managed computer will change to critical (red) when the Health Service Heartbeat Failure alert is generated.”

Has anyone come across this, or am I losing the plot?

The servers are a mix of 2016 and 2012, but I presume that shouldn’t matter as it is the scom health service monitor as opposed to a windows MP.

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