Hi guys, just finished watching your Hybrid Cloud webinar which I found very informative.  I wanted to know more about the JSON definition file you used for immediate discovery of all properties of a new system.   That has been a huge challenge for me as SCOM is obviously not ideally suited to monitor systems that may be ephemeral….i.e. systems that may be auto-scaled up or down depending on workload.

The method you demo’d in the webinar looks like it could address that problem.   How was the definition file created?  Is that something you have to create manually?   Have you tested that on Unix/Linux systems?  -for an example a system running AWS Linux?  In my organization we have a very large number of workloads that run in AWS on AWS Linux.

Vyper answered
    • Hey Wilson, Richard S @ Squared Up here. Thanks for reaching out on this and I'll pop you a line tomorrow to pick this up with you privately. Anyone else interested in this topic, please feel free to drop us a line via the usual hello@ email address, we'd love to hear from you