Similar to the upcoming integration wth OMS, will SquaredUp be able to provide native/near-native integration with other cloud-based Monitoring solutions? Specifically AlertSite from SmartBear or New Relic. The specific use case is to be able to add a plugin in a SquaredUp dashboard that shows both the SCOM/OMS based infrastructure state but also the end user state delivered by these external monitoring solutions.

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    • We don't have any specific plans to integrate with the data sources you've mentioned, except for the lightweight integrations we provide currently, namely iframe plugin and SQL plugin, of which the former is likely to be most appropriate. Certainly New Relic provides a nice, easy 'tear off' view that can very easily be embedded in a Squared Up iframe and so we would recommend experimenting with that. The same may or may not be the case with AlertSite but it's… Continue reading
    • Thanks for the quick response. I'll reach out to he vendor for AlertSite, SmartBear, and put the tear off option in as a feature request. I believe they have an API but it sure at this point how extensive it is. On the second part of pulling in data from these solutions into SCOM through a custom MP and then present this on SquaredUp using the status/alert plugins, that's a great idea and I hadn't considered that. Will submit a… Continue reading