Hello Everyone,

My name is Edwio, and im new here.

I’ve been SCOM Admin for many years now.,
And I still belive that i have a lot to learn :).

One question that i get asked frequently in scom is:
“How can i see all the monitors and rules running on my computer?”

And to be honset,
Even now, i can’t recommend an easy solution for this question.

I can run a ps command to list all avalible Monitor/Rules,
But at the cost of impacting CPU and SDK performanc on the MS.

Or i can use the “Show Running Rules and Monitors for this Health Service”

But in both options,
At the end, i get a very very non friendly csv/html file.
And No! opening it in Excel, isn’t friendly as well.

And dont let me start talking about MPAuthr,
(which is awesome but cost money)


I would be very happy to hear from your experiences on this subject.
Is there an easy way that you recommend?
Any suggestions , will be welcome.


Rajesh answered