Not sure what the classes this management pack is scoped to for “Server Role Health” and “Services”. I get error “An object of class ManagementPackClass with ID <GUID>  was not found.”. Can only assume this was hard coded to a 2012R2 class?

I’m in a pure Server 2016 environment. Have created a new “Server Role Health” scoped to “Active Directory Domain Controller Computer Role”, but unsure what class has been used for “Services”?

Chris Mackenzie answered
    • I'm not sure which management pack you are refering to? Do you have the latest version? On the Active directory dashboard pack that you can download I only have "AD Topology Health Status" and "server health" no services?
    • Chris - If you can send us the ID (this isn't unique in your environment, as IDs from sealed MPs are hashed against the MP name, which is why all the SQUP dashboards and perspectives can be used by all), then we can try and see which MP it belongs in 🙂