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Our Linux team is afraid that the SCOM agent for Linux is not safe and uses root to much. So they wanted to see if SCOM can use SNMP to monitor our Linux systems.

I started to look at the MIB for Redhat and used the “Network Monitoring Management Pack Generator UI Tool” from Microsoft to create a MP. But I found to time consuming to add all the OID:s for each object and then set levels for them. And handling the number of disks on the server and diskusage was just a mess.

Is there anyone who has created a MP for monitoring Linux via SNMP? Most guides I found says: “dont use SNMP the Linux MP is much better”.

Anyone who has any input in the subject? Is the Linux agent safe?

Peter Svensson answered
    • If you can persuade them to accept the SCOM Linux Agent (and we have clients who are successfully monitoring > 2500 Linux servers via SCOM) then you may find this script from a Microsoft PFE helpful; http://runawaybunnies.blogspot.co.uk/2017/10/opsmgr-bulk-deployment-of-linux-agents.html
    • Great tip, I´ll take a look at that script.