My company has asked me to monitor DBA script within SCOM. This has to run by a PowerShell script (triggered from a SCOM machine) to a oracle database. The log file of the script has to be saved on a shared disk. Also I need to get a alerts or events in SCOM if an oracle database gets under a certain limit (<10% disk space)

I haven’t found any information as of yet to monitor this. Is this even possible?

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Ruben Zimmermann answered
    • Have you looked into the MP available from NiCE? https://www.nice.de/oracle-database-management-pack/
    • Hello, I looked into the Nice MP. But sadly its not a community MP for free. I am looking for a solution mp which doesn't cost me anything.
    • Sounds like you already have a script - how much of the above is already taken care of by it? Do you have any scope to make changes to it (for example, if the log file path can't be customised, so it could be written directly to the share by SCOM?) Is the script a health check script, or would you need to calculate the database metrics yourself after it runs?