Looking for advice for monitoring our network devices.  Our network team likes PRTG and we like SCOM for monitoring servers.  Management would like a single pane of glass. to look at so we are each looking at each others technologies.  What have others found both good and bad for monitoring Cisco network devices with SCOM 2016?   I have also been ask to come up with a pro and con sheet for each product.  We have each had some good things to say about each product PRTG is very easy to set up and configure but does not give me the level of monitoring that I need for troubleshooting.  SCOM with Squared UP in front of it give me more powerful dashboards that non technical people see and understand.

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    • [This is just some hopefully helpful info, rather than an answer, hence posting it as a comment] If PRTG and SCOM are both in the picture it may be helpful to know that, firstly, PRTG support embedding in an iFrame, so you could use the Web Content Tile in Squared Up to bring views into Squared Up from PRTG that way - https://kb.paessler.com/en/topic/503-how-can-i-use-graphs-from-prtg-in-other-web-pages Secondly, I think their API does something pretty cool, in that it can return data as SVG,… Continue reading