Constantly getting the alert on multiple servers

Alert: MSSQL 2014: Always On monitoring script failed
Date and Time: 12/18/2017 6:31:40 PM
Log Name: Operations Manager
Source: Health Service Script
Event Number: 4202
Level: 1
Logging Computer: XXXXXXXXXXX
User: N/A
Management Group: XXXXXXX. Script: Main Module: AvailabilityGroupMonitoring.ps1 Version: : Error occurred during Always On monitoring. Computer:XXXXXX Reason: Out of memory Position:572 Offset:22 Detailed error output: Out of memory

Alex Protsenko answered
    • Which version of the SQL 2014 Always On MP do you have? Sounds like there could be a memory leak in the script it mentions. Or, if you correlate the time of the script failing vs SCOM perf data for memory on these servers, is there any sign that the server is running with high memory usage?
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Always On (Monitoring) version .there is no sign that the server is running with high memory usage during the time of alert