I just published a new free Management Pack in the MPCatalog. It is named Windows.Computer.DataOnDemand.Addendum  and provides different kinds of Agent Tasks for direct use in the SCOM console or in Squared Up Dashboards.

  1. Get-ComputerDescription
    1. Retrieves the computer’s local description and the one from the Active Directory computer object. ( So that you can see directly what is running on a box when an alert pops up )
  2. Get-ComputerLastChanges
    1. Displays the computers’ last changes; last installed software, interactive logged on user, last boot, etc. ( When trouble shooting some good things to know – time safer )
  3. Get-SCOMNotificaitonConfiguration
    1. Displays the SCOM’s notification configuration incl. subscription, subscribers, channel, etc. Task works only if selecting a Management Server!
      ( If you have always have to answer why something created a ticket and why not )

      { Big hands for Sameer Mhaisekar – One of our Squared Up Heros – I took his script and made it SU compatible – Thanks Sam! }
Ruben Zimmermann answered
    • Phwoar! That's a beaut! Thanks Ruben! (Is the subtext correct for number 2?)