Hi. We are deploying and hosting SquaredUp (for Azure) in Azure, and it’s working.  However, I’ve found Open Access is really open to the entire internet, with security being a unique url (security by obscurity). And no way to limit it to “authenticated users”.

With on-prem hosting access to the physical network is limited, so this issue isn’t really an issue.

I’m keen for advice and thoughts how to resolve this.

Solutions :

#1 – Host on-prem –  Unfortunately we are moving everything to cloud.

#2 – Limit VNET to our office IP’s –  That would work, although due to COVID our we are scatted across different towns working from home (and many have dynamic IP’s).

#3 – Limit access to a Jumphost in Azure.   it’s a viable solution, but expensive and not a great experience to look at dashboards.

#4 – alter the IIS settings not to allow anonymous access.   best idea so far, but no idea what to alter.

#5 – licence all users – we have a lot of users who just need to see a non-interactive board, then licensing each one can be an overkill.


I see this see thread Restricting Open Access to AD Groups. , but it doesn’t really offer a solution in this case.

Any thoughts or ideas appreciated 🙂

Darren Joyce answered