Hi this might (hopefully) be an easy one and something simple is being missed.

I have a performance rule, which has a .vbs script in it, runs a SQL query and returns (a row count) into the property bag variable.

I add a performance graph and can pick out the rule (show data related to a specific object > collected by specific rules) and graph it within the SCOM Operations Console.

The rule is targeted at Windows Computer, and overidden for the 4 db servers I want the results from. All 4 lines display correctly in the graph.

However I cant pick out the rule in squared up, to replace the current SCOM graph.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. SCOM graph attached.

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    • Hi, How is Your rule created. Are you sure data is inserted to SCOM DW?
    • Im assuming so, as the graph attached shows the data fine.Essentially I would just like to duplicate this graph, but in Squared Up instead of the SCOM console however I cant pickout the Rule from the SCOPE tab in Squared Up The rule itself is a performance collection rule. Probe based > Script (performance)