We’re building some custom monitoring for an internal application and as part of this i’ve configured some rules to gather performance data for the processes that are executed to drive a number of Windows Services.

The odd thing is that the data looks fine in SCOM but when I look in Squared Up it looks like the counter data is being combined for some reason.

Here is an example of what I see for a single instance of the Service in SCOM console:

If I view the same object in Squared Up only a single performance counter is shown.

And the associated data looks totally different to what is shown in SCOM.

Does anyone have any clues on why this might be?

In terms of design the Management Pack uses a script which checks which Services exist on a Server before gathering the required metrics via WMI.  This means that a single property bag is returned with all of the metrics; the idea being the it helps the monitoring to cook down.

The script is called by a probe which is then referenced by a custom data source.  Finally i’ve used a custom condition detection module to select the relevent values from the property bag before mapping them to performance data so that they can go into the database and data warehouse.

I can post the XML if it helps diagnose the issue.  There’s a good chance i’ve tripped up along the way as i’m still relatively new to SCOM.



Graham Davies answered
    • I'm not an MP dev (just a general knowledge SCOM guy), but I can shed some light on the Squared Up side of things that might help. Squared Up pulls performance data out of the DW, whereas the SCOM console pulls it out of the OpsDB. There's possibly something wrong with how you're storing it in the DW, or it's the single property bag that's the issue. You could also try changing the Resolution on the tile (Raw/Hourly/Daily) to see… Continue reading