I’m having an issue, and want to see if others have the same experience. I’m having trouble getting any Linux script to return a “StatusError”, or critical result – they initiate, don’t report any issues, and turn green in the console, even if they very explicitly should not.

To test, we got really simple – our Linux script says

echo RED

and then our ERROR expressions says //*[local-name()=”StdOut”]   contains “RED”

but our monitor never turns red/critical… The part in bold above is what the documentation shows to evaluate standard out, and what is in the monitor template by default. I don’t know if we’re missing some variable name, or if there’s a bug in the script handler.

Can anyone test this and verify they see the same thing? I’m trying with a numeric value as well to see if the script handler just isn’t parsing strings correctly.

This is in SCOM 2016 CU7

seanptexan asked