Does anyone know of a method to use to perform bulk monitor health recalculation? I’m not talking about resetting the monitor, I’m talking about RECALCULATING it. Anyone?

Occasionally we see an issue where a temporary DNS “glitch” will cause Heartbeat Failures and Failed to Connect alerts; but the Heartbeat Failures (HB) will sometimes clear so fast that the Failed to Connect (FTC) doesn’t recalculate. We’re assuming based on what we’ve observed that the FTC diagnostic is running when the HB’s start to flow back in; leaving the FTC stranded without a HB.

The only way we’ve been able to bulk clear is to stop the agents, wait for the new HB failure, and then start the agent again, where the monitor will recalculate its health and clear the alert.

I’m looking for something like a powershell script to do the recalc, but not the existing script that resets. I hope that makes sense.

Ruben Zimmermann answered