What do others do to ensure that every server in their environment has a SCOM agent installed?  I am running SCOM 2016 and the bulk of my servers are VM so I was thinking we might add it to the template for server deployment to make sure that all new servers get the agent.   I also need a way to go back and ensure all existing servers have the agent installed.

I am also finding an issue with rouge servers getting added by some of my IT groups that did not go through the server team for getting added so they are not in the right OU in AD so we do not see them in SCCM or SCOM.

So any tips for helping to audit and ensure everything is monitored

Rick Bywalski selected answer
    • Process - Process - Process! I am aware of at least one org that will not allow a machine to be built without documentation, asset management, and reg keys (used for SCOM discovery) defined beforehand. We're a small org with only 3 guys deploying VMs - A semi-regular check of AD with PowerShell and a comparison to SCOM is the only way we get this done ourselves.