I have setup SCOM to use data from UptimeRobot for web site availability using this link:
Integrate external website monitoring with SCOM & UptimeRobot

Since I have set this up, I do not see anything in Web alert view and State View.
How do I know or where do I go and see if this setup is pulling availability data from Uptime Robot on my particular site?
Are there any instructions on how to set this up in Squared Up or point me to a KB/video I can use to set this and any other URL monitoring using SquaredUp dashboard.
I am trialling out v3 at the moment.


jaspervd answered
    • Hi, Do you see the web check objects when you use the discovered inventory view? If not, the objects arent discovered (yet). If you do, theres a problem with the particular view Martin
    • Hi Ehrnst, In Discovered Inventory, I changed my target to "Uptime Robot" and I got the "Uptime Robot Watcher Node (Servername)" with its API key. This is showing as unmonitored but from what I understand from Jasper " it is unmonitored because there are no monitors associated with it. There are monitors associated with the webchecks." Regards SR
    • Yes, so you have to chose the web check, and not the watcher node 🙂
    • ok so I changed Target to "UptimeRobot Web Check" and there are no objects showing up. What does this mean and what should I do? Its been about 4 days since I installed the MP. Should I remove and re do the whole thing again?