Hi all, I’ve been tasked with creating a weekly report for management reporting on general server uptime for a group of production servers. I’ve accomplished this using the MS Generic Report Library>Availability report in SCOM 2012 in combination with a group of health watcher objects (this shows true uptime as opposed to targeting a group of computer objects which will report any critical state as downtime), so i now have individual server uptime percent for any given health watcher object. See the image for an example of existing report. What i need now is an average of the uptime over a period for all servers (health watcher objects) of the same group. Does anyone know of a report or option within SCOM or squared up that would generate such a report or dashboard? Thanks in advance!


Zac Henthorn commented
    • It's not an exact answer to your question, so I'm posting this as a comment, but I think you might find the following recent blog post sparks a few ideas of some of the things you can achieve in Squared Up in this area -https://squaredup.com/blog/building-amazing-sla-availability-dashboards/ - hope that helps
    • Thanks crowd, this isn't exactly what i'm needing but does look super useful! i could definitely apply this in some other areas
    • Hi Zac, another helpful blog for you in this area, this one from M'soft PFE Wei Lim (whose blog is always worth keeping an eye on ) - https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/wei_out_there_with_system_center/2017/04/28/opsmgr-calculating-the-overall-availability-percentage-of-distributed-applications/
    • Excellent thanks! This one is good too, though i'm looking for something to target the average uptime for a group of servers as opposed to a distributed app. The first link looks like it will do the job actually, i just don'y think i'm configuring the SLO in SCOM correctly because i'm getting 100% on the group object even though not all of the server objects are 100%.. I'm targeting the Health Watcher class for the group, any idea how… Continue reading