I had created groups to be dynamically populated with members.

once i finished, i then wanted to create a Rollup Health State monitor on the group using the task configure HealthRollup.

after that i cant see the groups anymore in the Groups in Authoring , and if i want to modify the rule of populated members or do any changes on the Group i cant do that.

can some please help?


TheCloudMayor selected answer
    • Hi Aatefsoliman, This is very strange, the group should not disappear just because you have created the rollup monitor.  Can you still see the management pack you saved the group into via the Administration workspace > Management Packs?
    • Hi Jelly, yes i can see the management pack, and i can see them also in discovered inventory, but i cant see them in the groups panel, as therefore i cant really do anything with them or edit them.