My SCOM Reporting console is blank, I’m not sure when this happened as I don’t go in there very often. I still get scheduled reports, and I can still see Report Tasks in Alert views for example. I’m just unable to create or edit reports. Any ideas? Do I have to reinstall Reporting?

Peter Aston selected answer
    • Anything in the event log? Try accessing the console on another machine, if it works there, then try clearing your cache (https://www.stefanroth.net/2012/09/28/scom-2012-scom-console-parameters-how-to/). Worth checking the reporting instance is up and running also (Windows service on the DW server)
    • Sorry, should have added that to original post - nothing obvious that I can see, clearing cache and running from another machine also has same result. Reporting is up and running, and can browse to the Reports URIs and see content.