I’m running SQL 2014 however when I look at the membership of the SQL Computers group that was created as part of the management pack my SQL Server isn’t listed – Does anyone know why that is?

Here is the dynamic criteria for the group:-


SQL Computers

SQL Server Computers

Andre Schoeman selected answer
    • Have the management pack discovered any computers with that role? Check if you see the objects under discovered inventory, change your target to Sql Server Role or what ever the target is 🙂
    • As long has you have distributed the Run as accounts and have setup the run as profiles correctly, it should just work. Takes time.
    • Ehrnst - I have changed the scope to "SQL Server Computers" and as you can see I get the result however when i change the scope to "SQL Computers" I get not monitored?
    • Am i right in thinking that "SQL Computers" will only populate if SQL is installed on a "Computer" rather than a "Server"
    • For me, both groups are populated with roughly the same amount of machines (hundreds)
    • When you say it is not listed in one, can you screen shot the actual results of 'view members' of both?