Hey all,

I’m running a small test lab in Azure that has some VM’s and PaaS components to try out a few things before migrating some on-prem systems. I want to get the monitoring right as part of this so I’m comparing SCOM + Azure MP against Azure Monitor and a couple of third-party tools. Squared Up is central to our monitoring so I’m only looking at things that I can definitely bring in alongside our SCOM data i.e. Azure Monitor Logs, AppInsights, WebAPI’s etc.

SCOM is surprisingly good at the whole “hybrid monitoring” thing and it’s making a strong case for using it across all our on-prem and Azure resources, but I dont have a problem with splitting out Azure monitoring if going native is a better option. I think what I’m seeing in Azure Monitor is richer than what the Azure MP is giving me in SCOM, but alerting is definitely giving me a headache!

I’m sure loads of you have done this already so I wondered if you could share any general advice or considerations?


jaspervd answered