Hi community

I have a problem in SCOM 2012R2 UR13.

Some background: We have multiple customised Windows Service and Process Monitors configured in our environment. These were configured via the SCOM UI wizard and point to associated SCOM groups with the relevant Windows Servers as members.

This works absolutely fine and has done for many years, however recently when removing multiple servers from different SCOM groups the associated customised monitors are still applied to the Windows Servers. We have tried the usual of clearing agent cache to no avail, this is now causing problems by creating false positive alerts/health state issues across multiple servers.

Any ideas on this? The only resolution we can think of is to remove the custom monitors (where applicable) and recreate them!?

Chris Dodson answered
    • When you say it is pointed at the group, do you mean it is only enabled for the group? and is it targeting a custom class or something like windows server? Never mind you answered this by saying you used the template. I would recommend ensuring it is undiscovered by the class which is created by the template. and then running remove-scomdisabledclassinstance as suggested below