I have been tasked with monitoring custom services. I do so in SCOM by creating a monitor, adding service name, targeting Windows Servers and overriding the monitor to a specific server. In case a service(as a part of an application) moves to a different server, or that custom service is installed on several servers, I can easily override the monitor instead of creating a whole new monitor.

The problem with targeting Windows Servers, however, is that all the monitors pop up on every server we have in an “uninitialized” state in SquaredUp.

Another issue is that if the override is set to a server where the service is not present, the service is set to green when it clearly shouldn’t be.

Are there any ways to solve this?

EDIT: I am using SCOM 2012 R2



I have tested several solutions and have found that using the “Windows Service” MP template is sufficient for monitoring the custom services. There is no discernible performance impact and adding a service once is sufficient, as the services are being discovered automatically on all servers.

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