I am not knowledge able on how to write a query that will only show me say the top ten noisiest objects for everything that is contained in a particular group.  It would be nice to get another query that can display the most common alerts for a specific group as well.

Kevin H. does not have a query that will do this, yet.

Thank you in advance

janny watson answered
    • Perhaps you can start with this query that gets the member of the group? http://opsit.blogspot.se/2013/11/useful-sql-queries-in-scom-database.html select SourceMonitoringObjectDisplayName as 'Group Name', TargetMonitoringObjectDisplayName as 'Group Members' from RelationshipGenericView where isDeleted=0 AND SourceMonitoringObjectDisplayName = 'Agent Managed Computer Group' ORDER BY TargetMonitoringObjectDisplayName