Hi SquaredUp Community,

Just wondering if it is possible to get SquaredUp talking to ServiceNow? I want to add a web part on one of my dashboards to show how many incidents/changes, etc are open overall.



Azertify answered
    • Hi Tom, yes, you can indeed, using our WebAPI Tile (assuming you have the EAM edition of Squared Up). We'll have some more technical content on this coming soon, inc. Coffee Break webinars, but hopefully some of our other customers may be able top hop in here and help you in terms of the work they've done with this in their environments
    • I guess ServiceNow requires a login to display that data? Then it will be hard to use it as a web part in SquaredUp. Another solution that we have used is if you can access the servicenow data via SQL. Then you can create a SQL query that displays the information. We have used that solution to extract info from Servicedesk+