Ok, this is kicking my behind; is anyone using Status Block Tiles to show Agents with HB failures? I can narrow them down to Agents with HealthState = 3, but that just shows unhealthy agents. We’re monitoring 3000+ systems, so we’re going to have unhealthy agents, so we just want to narrow it down to availability issues vs. performance & security.


Currently I’ve got

Class: Health Service Watcher (tried HSW (Agent) tried Agent)

Criteria: HealthState = 3

…that shows me every unhealthy HSW, etc

Then I try things like…

Name LIKE ‘%Heartbeat%’

And that yield nothing. I’ve got an Alerts view that shows me what I want, and I understand why Name LIKE works because that’s the name of the alert. I’m just flopping around trying to McGyver a way to show the same thing but through the Status.

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