Snippet of the script that I am executing :

Here, $managementgroupobj is an instance of class ManagementGroup.

The difference of $starttime and $endtime veries from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the last execution of the same script.

The snippet collects the performance the data successfully for long time. but then, out of nowhere it throws following error:

“The requested reader was not valid. The reader either does not exist or has expired”

  • What is the cause of the mentioned error.?
  • I still have confusion with Read() method. What is the significance of it.?
  • It would be great if I get to know the mechanism of the PerformanceDataReader.


  • The amount of data it fetched before getting error was 100k+. and it took almost an hour to fetch that data.
  • I think the possible issue was with amount of data it has to fetch, It might be a kind of TimoutException.
  • It would be great if I get atleast some knowledge of all 3 questioned mention above.


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