We have a process being monitored (and perf. collected) on almost all of our 2500 servers. We would like to display top processor usage for these processes, but since “all windows computer” is a large scope, no data is returned in Squared Up. Building a dashboard in opsConsole will eventually display the data. I have confirmed that a smaller scope will show the data, so it has to be related.

Any ideas?

jaspervd answered
    • We have found this to be most useful. Use advanced in the scope and take advantage of the criteria section. http://support.squaredup.com/support/solutions/articles/213709-how-to-use-criteria-when-scoping-alerts
    • Hi jswadley, i don't quite see how this solves my problem. I don't want to use other criteria than "list me the top 10 objects based on this perf.counter" 🙂 problem seems to be that my scope is too large, and therefor times out.