I updated a new version for that MP. It now contains two tasks for querying MS Graph.
Get-MSGraphBetaData and Get-MSGraphData

SquaredUp’s native Web-API tile provides and flexible and easy way to consume REST services.

Although MS Graph already provides rich capabilities for filtering and selections via OData qry
(https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/graph/query-parameters) it was not enough for me 😉
Besides, I prefer PowerShell syntax over other types …

1) Place the Graph-Qry here, e.g.: /reports/getSharePointSiteUsageDetail(period=’D7′)

2) Specify a sorting attribute

3) Indicate if Descending order shall be used

4) Provide a filter if it makes sense

5) limit the items that shall be send to Squared Up

Where can I find it?
As usual in the MPCatalog. – https://cookdown.com/scom-essentials/community-catalog/

Questions or feedback are welcomed 🙂

Ruben Zimmermann asked