I would like to create a dashboard with the visio plugin that reflects the health state of our branch offices. I have a world map in svg format and I would like to use this so that the country where that office is located will change colour according to the health state of the group of servers.

Our branch offices typically contains a small number of windows servers. I have put those for a specific branch office in a group then I used the Ops Manager Self Maintenance Task “configure health rollup” on that group. I thought that if I could link the scomid of this group to the country in the world map, the health rollup on the group would help me achieve my goal. As far as I know, I can only link one scomID to the shape in the svg file that represents the country whch is why I would like to use the scomID of the group.

I then followed the article in “How to configure the Visio plugin” to create a status dashboard and export the scom id to excel. The problem is that this returns the scomid for the three servers, not for the group containing the three servers.

Using “Get-ScomGroup” I can get the scomID of the group on the management server, but exporting it to excel and then linking the scomID to the svg file does not work.

I then tried to use the scomID in an “Advanced filter” as described in http://support.squaredup.com/support/solutions/articles/213708 , but I do not really have a class that I can use in the filter.

So my question is then, can I use a custom group and health rollup on that group in the way described, or will I have to create a Distributed Application for each branch office and link the scomID of the DA to the shape in the visio file?

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