Can we use other data Fields in a Visio drawing?  I wan’t do do some more graphic “changes” rather than just the color. Arrows for up/Down etc.

Ehrnst selected answer
    • If I understand you correctly, that's a great idea, e.g. if a scom object changes colour, then it also changes from an "up" arrow to a "down" arrow. Unfortunately I can't see how it could be achievable (as SquaredUp don't dictate the object - that's in the visio drawing/SVG). But if something similar was available, even on the other dashboard it would be great.
    • As i dont know how SquaredUp uses svg and Health state to change colour i thought i should ask. But if were able to let say. use 'scomHealhtState' along With ID we could change an Arrow based on "success", "warning". etc