Anyone have any experience with either the Nice or the Veeam MP.  Looking to see which one to look at I know the Veeam one is supposed to be good but pricey.  It does have the advantage of having a dashboard pack already built.  If the Nice one is just as good though it should not be too hard to build a dashboard or maybe Nice would be nice (pun intended) and publish one for us like they did with some of their other management packs.

Peter West answered
    • We use the Veeam MP currently but will be moving to the NiCE option as soon as we can. Already have NiCE's Oracle and Office 365 MP's and in terms of support and functionality, they're excellent. I saw a demo of their VMware MP at a conference recently and it was enough to convince me. I also really like that they publish dashboard packs for Squared Up to compliment their MP's. I'm sure they said that one is coming for… Continue reading