Is there a way to override the SSL evaluation as part of Web App Availability monitoring?

I’ve got some URLs with self-signed certs that go ‘critical’ – adding them to Trusted Root CAs store on the SCOM Management Servers fixes it, but isn’t very clean.

I realise I can use Web App Transaction monitors instead, and untick the ‘Monitor SSL Health’ box, but then I don’t get the nice Web Availability Test perspective in SqUp.

JTP13 answered
    • Not a direct answer to your question so I'm adding this as a Comment, but if you're working on Web App Availability Monitoring in general, you may find Tyson Paul's URL Genie Management Pack helpful. It's not something I have direct experience with but do know a very well respected free, community Management Pack from a leading Microsoft Premier Field Engineer and I noticed it also mentions "some benefits of using this monitor type are: ignore/trust SSL cert (server side)".… Continue reading
    • Thanks for the tip crowdpleaser - does look a useful management pack, cheers.