A Web Application Transaction Monitoring (ATM) object can contain several transactions.  I currently have 251 ATMs objects.  Each of the ATMs can contain one to many transactions.  I am trying to get a handle on the number of transactions that are being sent from each server that is configured as a watcher.  I feel that the best way to do this would be thru a SQL query.

Can anyone provide any assistance in creating said query?

Vyper answered
    • Do you have any specific class in mind for this?
    • SCOMTR, No I do not have any particular class in mind. I am looking to get a total of the transactions that are each watcher that I have currently in use. Here is some additional info that might be of use. I believe the class that you are looking for is called ‘Web Application Perspective.’ This I believe is the parent class, because the individual requests are contained in each Web Application Perspective. This is what I call an ATM.… Continue reading